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Conversations Matter following World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK Day

Friday, September 12, 2014


This week saw two big events World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 10 September and R U OK? Day 11 September put conversations about suicide in the spotlight.

Many people in Australia and around the world took time out to discuss suicide and suicide prevention. In particular what do we say to someone when we are worried they might be thinking about suicide and how best to ask ‘R U OK?’

Director of the Hunter Institute of Mental Health, which manages Conversations Matter, Jaelea Skehan took time out this week to talk about the need for connection when having these conversations.

“Our connection to others is what builds us up and keeps us strong.  Having people sit beside us when times are good and when times are bad can make all the difference” said Jaelea.

Often there is fear of ‘getting it wrong’ when having conversations about suicide and it can be challenging for people to know where to start. Conversations Matter has been developed to support community discussion about suicide through practical tips and advice.

Available as online presentations, podcasts and fact sheets Conversations Matter resources provide practical advice when communities want to know:

  • how to talk about suicide more generally
  • what to say to someone they are worried might be thinking about suicide,
  • how to talk to someone bereaved by suicide
  • what to say when communities are affected by suicide
  • they want to know how to talk to a child about suicide

To read Jaelea’s full piece for R U OK? Day click here