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Hunter Institute and Mates in Construction workplace training

Monday, November 30, 2015


Staff from the Hunter Institute of Mental Health will provide training on workplace suicide prevention for the Mates in Construction (MiC) executive team this week. 

The training on Tuesday 1st December will include the Hunter Institute’s Conversations Matter initiative, focusing on safe discussions around suicide in the workplace, as well as language, suicide prevention  and the promotion of help seeking behaviour.

Attendees will also learn about broader communication around suicide, as part will be using the Mindframe National Media Initiative’s capacity building approach. This will cover how to work effectively and safely with the media, social media and appropriate messaging for suicide prevention. 

The training builds on an important relationship between the Hunter Institute of Mental Health and MiC. 

For further information about training opportunities, for Mindframe visit, and for Conversations Matter information can be found on the contacts page.