Project team and steering committee

Project team and steering committee

Conversations Matter was developed by a project team at Everymind (formerly the Hunter Institute of Mental Health) in partnership with a state-wide steering committee, and professional and community stakeholders.

The resource development phase was funded by the NSW Ministry of Health (Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office) as part of the NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010‐2015. The ongoing development and implementation will be led by the Mental Health Commission of NSW.

About Everymind

Everymind was established locally in Newcastle, NSW, in 1992 and now works nationally to promote mental health and wellbeing, prevent mental illness and prevent suicide and its impacts.

The Institute has a highly motivated multi-disciplinary team that provides professional, flexible, evidence-based services by working in partnership with individuals, organisations and communities.

The objectives of the Institute are to:
  • Improve the mental health of individuals and communities;
  • Reduce the incidence, prevalence and impact of mental health problems and mental illnesses;
  • Reduce the incidence of suicide, the prevalence of suicidal behaviours and their impact;
  • Build the evidence for promotion and prevention approaches in mental health and suicide prevention;
  • Build organisational strength, reputation and sustainability.

About the steering committee

A state-wide steering committee was established to guide the development of the project. Members of the sub-committee included:
  • Amy Wyndam, A/Manager, Cross Government Frameworks, Government Relations, MHDAO, NSW Ministry of Health;
  • Peter Bazzana, Mental Health Educator, NSW Institute of Psychiatry
  • Stephen Watts, A/ Manager, Student Counselling, Student Welfare Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Communities
  • Terry Kirkpatrick, Deputy CEO, Mental Health Association NSW
  • Veronica Eulate, Manager Planning, Evaluation & Knowledge Management, ACON
  • Jonathan Harms, Chief Executive Officer Mental Health Carers, ARAFMI NSW
  • Jane Fisher, Alcohol and other Drugs Unit, TAFE NSW
  • John Dalgleish, Manager Strategy and Research, BoysTown;
  • Maria Cassaniti, Centre Coordinator, Transcultural Mental Health Centre;
  • Prasuna Reddy, Director, Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health